10 Tips to Follow for Perfect Website Design

A nicely designed website is what attracts a person at person to the website. The person assesses the overall layout of the website and then decides to remain on it or switch on to some other. The game is just a matter of seconds. While designing a website, there are some mistakes that web designers often make and thus end up spoiling everything. If you are a web designer then you need to follow some of the given mentioned tips for ending up with that perfect website design:
Put your thoughts on paper
Before moving ahead with the designing of the website, it is important that you put your random thoughts on paper first. Designing is all about problem solving and problems cannot be solved without putting them on paper. It is essential to properly think about the content, layout and functionality before proceeding ahead.
Sketch a top level framework
A top level framework can solve all the designing problems. The framework includes the user navigation and the components like sidebars and bottom bars. A good framework helps in a clear understanding of what the layout needs when designing sections beyond the homepage.
Add a grid
You can kick off with a great web design only when you add the grid. A grid helps to structure the layout of the different sections, guides through specific screen size requirements and helps create responsive templates.
Choose the typography and color theme
Choose upon the font and the color theme that you would prefer for your website. You need to be creative and consistent while choosing the typography. Work upon using a limited set of colors and tones. This will prove effective while coming out with a great website design.
Motion is essential
Designing needs to be in motion and not static. Motion is essential when designing interactive experiences and it can illustrate dynamic effects on content. Keep this thing in mind while designing website the next time.
Dividing the layout
If you want that your users have a great experience while using the website and while navigating it then it is essential that you divide the website into certain layouts. The simpler the structure of the site, the easier it is for users to navigate.

Challenge your own self
Innovation is possible each time you explore yourself. Keep asking yourself how you can add some uniqueness in your content. Challenge yourself and the result will be creation of some content that is unique and innovative.
Small details require attention
Pay attention even to the most minute things. This might involve a small interaction, an animation, editing something here or there. All these things can make that much needed difference to your website.
Refining each component
Treat every component of the website as though it were standing for a contest and then see the difference. These components on their own make a huge impact on the website. Designers often forget this and end up regretting afterwards.
Designing the best case
And, the last but certainly not the least, design a web design that works in all possible scenarios. Be prepared for not just good but the worst.
So the next time you think upon designing a great web design, follow these tips and you are sure to come up with excellent design.
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