How to Make Your Mobile App UserFriendly

When it comes to building a mobile app the whole thing, at the end of the day, comes down to user experience or user friendliness. After all, an app is designed for the sole purpose of satisfying consumer needs. While developing an app, you need to keep various things in mind so as to come out with an app that users crave for more.There are certain things, that mobile app developers can keep in mind to make the best mobile friendly app.These include:
Focus on the context of the users
While designing or developing the app,you need to keep in mind the context of the users.Whenever people check out their phones,it usually happens when they are engaged in some activities like traveling,sipping coffee or waiting in the queue and that’s when the role of a user friendly mobile app comes into play.
Presentation must be clean
The presentation of the app must be perfect and must look very clean.The interface must be perfect to read,the fonts must be big enough,the interface should be such that it can be read in sunlight as well through the right contrast,etc.Also,the tap targets around links and buttons must be big enough to be pressed with fingers.If you succeed in all of these,your app will surely be a hit.
Good design
Now there is no denying the fact that a good design is a must for any user friendly app.A design is a way of arranging elements in a way so as to accomplish a particular objective.A good design is the ultimate key towards designing a great app that users find convenient and perfect to use.You should test the design, first, however, before thinking ahead of finalising it.
Now this is something without which any app is incomplete.No one would like to use an app that is too heavy, slow or too tappy. Everyone is so impatient to use mobile apps that they would not wait for the screen to build the interface and load data while downloading.Speed plays a very important role in building any app and making it perfect.
Easy to use
The app must be easy enough so that people are able to understand it in the first instance.Your app needs to be engaging enough for all potential users and must be easy to download and open.Users generally get a first glimpse of the app during the break when they are watching something.The app must not be complicated to use or else your users will experience the worst ever app experience.
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