Top Website Development Trends for 2018

So,are you a web designer or someone who is looking for the latest trends in the field of website development?Are you constantly in search for the upcoming trends in website development?If yes, then do not go anywhere else.Have a look below at the top website development trends of 2018 and keep them in mind:
Materialize CSS Framework
This is a mixture of CSS SaSS and JavaScript framework and is an open source framework that works on user experience by integrating simplicity and clean flat design with the real world using motion.This builds a bridge between web design and the real world. Materialize CSS framework is compatible with all the modern browsers and it looks after basic styling, custom components, transitions and animations for a better user experience.
SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) are cryptographic protocols that are secured through TLS (Transfer Layer Secure). This is done through three protection steps:

  • Encryption of the transferred data
  • No modification or corruption of the data while being transferred
  • Authentication of the data to prove that the users are communicating with the intended website

This offers security,authenticity and above all,Google ranking and SEO.
PHP 7 and Above
PHP7 is a scripting language that is free and simple and works well with Content Management Systems. It is flexible, scalable, offers extensions and add-ons and supports both database management systems and open source databases. PHP server-side programming language is used by as large as 82.6% of the websites.
Now this is a set of commands that the admin can access himself. Developers just need to send commands to the admin and the admin can access it easily without using Web Browser. The best part about using WP CLI is that you need not use multiple commands to hand over the control to the admin. This can be done using a single command.
NPM or Node Package Manager is the default package manager for JavaScript runtime environment Node.js.This is basically a library that helps to add packages and reuse them when required, instead of having to create them all over again. Node.JS installation turns simple by using WPCLI.

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