Why My Website Slow? 10 Common Causes Of Slow Website Speed

We all are time poor and do not have much time to wait for getting the webpage opened. If you wish to fetch heavy traffic to your website, you need to make it fast loading webportal. Here, we are going to describe the major reasons making your site slow :
1. If There Are Unoptimized Images – It is one of the most common problems that occurs with many websites. You must avoid the large volume image as they take a lot of time to get opened. Here, you need to resize your image in order to get rid of this problem. Apart from it, you also need to reduce the image quality, but that does not mean you need to make your photo look bad. The concept of Good Web Design cannot be get accomplished without considering the size of the image.

2. Avoid Using Bulky Code – Why should you go with this kind of bulky code? You need to understand that bulky codes are responsible to major roadblocks for your site. To increase the readability, you need to eliminate the white space. The speed of the website can be increased by considering codes, maximizing speed and shrinking file size. It will help to lift up the speed. Avoiding the bulky codes means, you can head towards making your webportal a Fast Loading Website.

3. Bad Web Hosting Also Leads Towards Low Speed – At the time of choosing shared hosting packages, you also need to pay attention over it. You may not believe, but it also leads towards making the speed of your webportal slow.
4. No Compression of Web pages – It is another reason in this list. If you wish to increase the speed of your website then you must compress your pages. Taking help of GZIP and PHP, you may compress it and decrease the Page Load Time.

5. A Wide Array Of File Requests – Generally, big and heavy elements take too much time to get loaded. In addition, it is not only about the size, but there are many other factors. It is required to understand that every small element holds a different file request to load whether it is a CSS file, social sharing button, all sorts of pieces of JavaScript. It means you also need to work on your web page’s RTTs. You need to decrease them in order to make you web page to get loaded within no time.
6. Do not Use Outdated CMS – Do not go along with the outdated one since it also makes your webpage slow. Do not forget to update your CMS time-to-time. Apart from it, do not forget to examine the Website Speed Test.

7. Having a Lot Of Traffic – When your webpage gets a lot of traffic at the same time, it becomes a bit slow. It is required to understand that your web server can cater only a certain number of people at that time.
8. What about the Server Performance – If your server’s performance is poor, then the webpage will take longer to get loaded. When you buy a cheap server, they are mostly shared server. It means you have to go with the slow speed.

9. And The External Embedded Media – You need to think twice before embedding anything to your page as it may also lead towards slow page. You may think that the videos will help to lift up your business but if that run slow, it will also affect your the speed of your page.
10. Do Not Forget To Consider Spam – The excessive span are also responsible to bring the speed of your webportal down. You readers want a Responsive Website Design to get friendly very easily.

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