Why Your Client Needs A Responsive Website Not An App

If you are also one of them, do not hold an interest in downloading the App? If your answer is in affirmative, then you are in the minority. Though it is said that there are many things that remain certain throughout the life and client asking about building up an app is one of them. The fact cannot be denied that the digital world is growing very fast and it is required to go along with the new age time. If you think that it sounds a bit strange, then you need to think twice. It is needless to mention that app has created a great buzz in the new age market within a very short span of time. Though the factor cannot be denied that are being asked by the clients whenever it comes about their digital requirements and needs. But do you know that app is a kind of kale. Now, you may be thinking how? Let me explain. Actually, sometimes we think that it may serve us a great taste but they not. The same thing goes with the case of app. There are many people who even do not know more about it even then ask for building up the app. Before hiring someone for building app, it is required to know if the app is beneficial for covering up your benefits or not..

Many business owners are quite interested to get embarked on the journey even if they do not hold enough knowledge about that. They just consider the app as same as a golden ticket to carve out a special image in the cut-throat competition. But if it is really that kind of or not, you need to consider it first. But this thing may leave speechless that many of the techno-freak does not show interest to download. It is shocking for you? But it is true.

A Bit About App How many of you know about the definition of an app? There would be many of you, who do not have enough knowledge about it. But it is all about Google that brings you out of this dilemma. As per Google, An app is all about a self-contained program or piece of software designed in a way to target a particular aim. It is downloaded by the user to get benefits.

Do you have any idea what is all about the purpose of an app? It is the prominent point to understand, it is the purpose that can make or break its image. You need to correct yourself if you think that an app and a website target the same aim. No, it does not. They both target different propose and that is why they both cannot be compared at any rate. Why One Ask for An App In the new age competition is pretty much tough and that is why it is required to go along with the new age techniques and the creative way to connect the people with your brand. There are two major reasons behind asking for an app.

  • It helps to add a spark to the brand’s recognition.
  • The app makes the life of customer easy regarding the product and service.
  • It keeps the customers away from problems.

What Is Required To Understand

  • The App Comes With A Purpose – There was a motto behind introducing the product to the people. It was that the customer will be rewarded when buying the company’s product. It is considered to mention that this point always plays a major role to express the brand loyalty towards its customers. It works excellently to take the people into believe that the company takes care of the customers serving them such rewards
  • The App Is Also Not A Mobile Version Of The Website- If you think the same, then you need to think twice. The App is not a mobile version of the website and it cannot be at any rate.

Always Keep In MindRemember that website and app both are different things and used for different purpose. In this case, if people are interested to know about the product and the company then they will love to go through the official website instead of downloading the app.

  • The user uses the app when it comes to follow an easy way to get the product detail or taking benefit of the service.
  • App helps to cover the distance between the company and the customers.
  • App introduces about a product and a service in a different way.

Advantage Of Website

  • When one kick off the business they need website to fetch the attention of the potential customers.
  • Website elaborates about the company, service and much more, that cannot be explained through an app at any rate.
  • It would not be right to build up an app before launching the app. Since, it is only website that portrays a major role to make this website recognisable.

What Snapchat Is Too Much famous There would be many of you who have been using Snapchat, but have you ever contemplate that why it is used? It is because of its key function. Actually, it holds power to sending and receiving disappearing photos and videos quickly. Snapchat gain immense popularity within no time since it relates with the daily life needs and requirements. Snapchat is loaded with the easy access and video capabilities.
To put in simple words, it can be understood that how app-centred companies can be successful. The app not only has a purpose but it holds purpose of the business. Have you ever visited Snapchat’s website? May be not, but you may love to explore that website when you wish to know the step regarding downloading the app.

Considering Would Not Be Right Because When people pay attention over Snapchat and Uber, they think that it is great and creating a great buzz in the market. But it is also required to understand that it is helpful only when your ideas get fit with it. You may not know, but most Smartphone users only use 6-10 apps in a week. It is not being said on our own but the data also explore the same in a great way.

Is It True That Nobody Download Apps Yes! You may not believe but it is true that there are many Smartphone users not interested in downloading he app per month. They only download if app holds enough elements to pamper their regular need or something special to fetch attention. It is not being only said by us, but the statics and data also explore the same. If you are going to launch an app then you need to understand that the designed app must be loaded with the great elements to bring you in the limelight.

What About The Responsive Web Design Gone are the days when having a webportal is enough. Now, the time requires introducing your customers a responsive web design. Responsive website means that website will go along with different devices like Tablet, Computer, and Laptop when they are opened in any of the app.

Have you ever expected that you should step in App Store to hunt any shop or product? Of course, Not. No one wishes to make stroll at App Store to hunt the product or service. We all will head to Google to target our needs and requirements. We need to understand that it may be obvious to a digital marketers, but not for the public. The App Store is not a search engine for service providers. If one is looking for a new barber the one will simply head to Google instead of making stroll at the App Store

Webflow and SEO vs. Apps Why should you stay limited? It is time to expand the horizon of business and it can be done by launching a website loaded with all required information. In case, if you keep your brand limited to mobile then it may lead to diminishing the valuable image of the company’s visibility online? It is required to have a webportal plays an enormous role to get recognised among the people.
And a website is nothing without having the right kind of SEO. In order to get an access to Webflow CMS, you need to go along with it. At this platform, it is required to mention that it has emerged as the best SEO tool. Having a CMS means, you are bridging the gap between you and your customers.
In the last it can be said that there is no need to have an app actually emerge as a profession or tech-savvy. It is required to understand that people do not show much interest until the app goes along with their taste, needs and requirements. It is only a responsive website that covers the gap between you and your customers.

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