A Directory website allows site visitors to search through a collection of profiles or listings to narrow their search to the most appropriate result. Daksha Design is a directory of Web sites with extensive experience in developing efficient and cost effective solutions for planning, design and construction in India.

    Directory Website Solution: Features
  • 1. Add pages, edit existing pages and delete pages
  • 2. Add, edit and delete text and images
  • 3. Integrated javascript text editor
  • 4. Store files and images in CMS ‘libraries’
  • 5. Add, edit and delete links
  • 6. Automated site map of your web pages
  • 7. Customisable online form
  • 8. Add, edit and delete colours on your website
  • 9. Professional custom designs
  • 10. Automated logs of page changes and edits
  • 11. Meta data management
  • 12. Backup facility through administration area
  • 13. Advanced editing capabilities with HTML
  • 14. Extendable site through addition of new pages
  • 15. Online help pages on hand from admin area
  • 16. Add content in ‘simple’ or ‘advanced’ ways
  • 17. Disability compliance – safe and legal
  • 18. Content approval – draft mode

If you plan to build a Theme-based directory service, we would like to have a conversation with you about how we can help with website design. Call us at +91-9888923050 or leave your details on any page of our website