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The makers of Bhangrahits came to us for giving a kick start to their website. Initially, the website did not have a good reach and the makers were looking for someone who could boost their website. There were no online visitors. These people hired the services of Daksha Design for their website. Daksha Design did everything for them right from digital marketing to social media marketing. Today, there are approximately more than 1000 visitors on the website. Further, there are about 2lakh likes on the facebook page alone. We have effectively handled the creative posts and the average reach for each post is 7000-10,000.The target is attracting 10,000 visitors per day on an average.

The task of developing a website that covers almost each and every kind of audio and video song looked quite challenging in the beginning. There were times when certain songs were not available. The videos of many songs were not available and this proved to be an obstacle in the task of creating a good website. However, the development team worked really hard and ultimately we came out with the best ever website, proving their mettle. People are complimenting us for our work now.


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