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Eveda Healthcare Ltd.

Ensuring good health of people using traditional forms of healing

Eveda is an initiative taken in order to heal people using traditional form of healing. The concept came into existence in order to heal people off various body ailments using ancient Indian herbs.

Earlier, Eveda was nothing. There were no online visitors and also the popularity was almost nill. It was Daksha which went forward to bring about life into Eveda.Daksha Design brought about the development of the website and performed high quality work. Daksha performed the task of creative e-commerce website building with referral functionality and also did the designing work, logo preparation, labeling, cataloguing and the development of videos. There were so many development tasks that were performed in order to make Eveda popular among the people at large. Daksha helped in establishing the branding business and helping it to gain immensely popular in order to make the motto of healing people and helping humanity successful. Now with the help of this leading IT company in Mohali, Eveda has come to a stage when it is running a successful business in UK and has thus gained a huge recognition, all thanks to Daksha Design.


  • Eveda Healthcare Ltd.
  • Eveda Healthcare Ltd.
  • Eveda Healthcare Ltd.
  • Eveda Healthcare Ltd.
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