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Journey on the unpleasant terrains of Australia

The roads of Australia have never been so smooth and driving expensive cars on them means that you need to have those specialities in the cars that make the ride on the rough Australian terrains smooth. Perfectlift came into existence for the purpose of helping out people enjoy a smooth ride on Australian terrains using the best quality suspension kits along with leveling and lift kits.

They needed someone who could help out them in making their presence felt all over Australia and the ones whom they hired was none other than the leading IT Company in India, Daksha Design. They were barely known before coming into contact with Daksha and today they are doing a great work and enjoying success all through Daksha Design.

Initially, the makers of Perfectlift employed traditional forms of marketing and had zero sales but after hiring the services of Daksha they started gaining success. The team at Daksha indulged in intensive search engine optimization and social media marketing activities. There were rebranding and logo designing along with carrying out of digital marketing activities. All these helped in reaping profits and the result is that today Perfectlift is enjoying 40 sales per day.


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