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Thick milkshakes are quite beneficial in the sense that they are high in nutritional values and can keep you full for a long time. The heavenly taste is another important aspect. Keeping these things in mind, a website named Scossa was created. Before coming into contact with Daksha Design, the website was just a name. There was nothing associated with it. Success only came after the makers of Scossa came into contact with Daksha Design. Daksha did a lot of work for them like making creative logo, developing the brochure and the pamphlets along with creating the website successfully.

Now after the website has been developed by Daksha and all the branding and everything covering social media marketing and the search engine optimization has been done, the website has been doing quite well. It has attracted a lot of customers and has generated a great customer base. This means that Daksha has done quite a lot of work for it and finally the result is that the website is working successfully and doing a good amount of business. The credit for all this goes to Daksha Design.


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