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Stc Dunera

Education for the betterment of society

Education is the best tool for the development of the society and there are so many institutes that have come up for the same. One such institute that can promote the best ever education is Sukhjinder Technical Campus, Dunera that approached Daksha Design for promoting it among students. The institute was not popular among students as the institute employed traditional ways of marketing. The leading IT Company in Mohali, Daksha Design, took over the various promotional activities of the institute and helped the institute in reaping success.

Daksha performed the website and the graphic development part, search engine optimization, social media marketing, etc. Various photo shoots were organized for the institute. Complete digital marketing for the institute was done. This helped a lot and offered many surprising benefits to the institute. The number of companies visited the campus started increasing and the number of students enrolling in the institute increased. The institute gained a lot of reputation and became recognized all over. Daksha has really help the institute a lot and is still helping it by performing various activities for it. The success of the institute is the hard work of Daksha.


  • Stc Dunera
  • Stc Dunera
  • Stc Dunera
  • Stc Dunera
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