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Serving the delicacies of tea for people of all age groups

Tea is an all time favorite of people and what can be better than different flavors of tea all in the same place. There is a food court in the North Country Mall of Chandigarh that serves different tea delicacies and these people needed someone who could help them out in their business promotions and the ones who came forward to help them was Daksha Design.

Teamode offers 35 different flavors of tea. Daksha came ahead to help them out in their business through designing work, making the logos, packaging, all the designs and the collateral design, etc. Various other activities were performed apart from these ones. This was done in order to ensure that the business reaches out to all and people get aware of the delicacies of the various types of tea offered. Daksha has worked very hard and is still working and the result is that more than 600-800 cups of tea are sold every day by Teamode. This means a lot and implies that the business is succeeding. Success will continue as Daksha has put in a lot of efforts.

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