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Partnership with Daksha Design

Daksha Design is one company that people will be glad to be a part of, reason being, the huge potential for success. It has great opportunities to offer to those who want to reap the benefits of an IT company specializing in extensive growth opportunities. Come and be a part of Daksha and see the results yourself.

Why become a partner with Daksha Design?

Partnership with an esteemed company like Daksha Design has tremendous advantages which include:

  • Expansion in the reach of the business
  • Improvement in the value and reputation among clients
  • Significant growth in income and growth channels
  • Reduction in costs through improved delivery capabilities
  • Result-oriented and time-oriented work

Partnership programs offered by Daksha

Offshore Partnership

Going in for an offshore partnership can save on operational expenses and less costs can enable using savings and improving on operations. It also opens up the path to greater investment opportunities. Come and team up with Daksha and see the benefits coming to you in no time.

Private Label Partnership

This kind of Partnership is perfect for those who have a proficient sales team but lack the expertise to develop web solutions. If you are one among those who have earned a good brand name and also earn good leads through the sales team but do not wish to invest in the technical and design department then come and become a partner with us. We would become an extended team of yours, communicating with the client and taking care of delivering the final product while still remaining under cover.

Franchise Partnership

This kind of Partnership involves promoting the brand name and services under the local domain. Come and become partners with Daksha that has earned a good name in the market after many years of hard work. Spread this name in the local customers through this franchise partnership program. Sell our services and benefit from our extensive portfolio and testimonials.

Referral Partnership

This type of Partnership involves you sending us the lead and if it pays, then you will receive a share in the earnings. This Partnership is perfect for those companies that have a reputation of strong professional network and hence wish to offer strong leads. You need to provide us with the references and we will handle everything along with offering you a portion of the profits earned. Come and be a part of Daksha and see for yourself the future that promises goodness of growth and more growth!!

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